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We do not just represent musicians and ensure their rights are respected, but we also provide access to numerous facilities.

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What to expect from our studios

We have plenty of studios to try out. Find the nearest one and get in touch right away. Since they can be used for free a couple of times a week, most of our union members book early. It is the best way to avoid disappointment.

Once you get into a studio, you will be surprised by the facilities we offer. Here at the Union of Music Professionals and Amateurs, we deal with all kinds of musicians. Some of them are new in business and have no expectations. Some others are extremely picky. For this reason, we have something for everyone. Our studios are professional and fully featured. They can also be booked by people who are not in the union, yet union members have priority. To help you understand better, you should know that we had world renowned artists using our studios in the past, which shows what kind of quality standards we adhere to.

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