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Complete this quick email form to send us an instant message. We will reply to all messages. However, please include as many details as possible. It is also essential to ensure you mention your contacts or we cannot reply.

    We are extremely active on social media as well. Check our the social networks below and get in touch with us there.

    Get in touch

    It makes no difference why you want to get in touch with us. Simply use the quick email form and drop us a message.

    Maybe you want to join our union or you need to inquire about something in particular. Perhaps you require some representation.

    Interested in using one of our studios? You are free to do so. Check the terms and conditions and make a booking to avoid disappointment.

    We also allow people to just walk in and use a studio if it is not busy. You have to be a member though. It is a good option for those who are local.

    News? Ideas? Suggestions? Complaints? Help? Advice? Whatever it is, we have a dedicated customer service team to take care of your needs.