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Get to meet our team. These are some of the leading members of the Union of Music Professionals and Amateurs.

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Since 14/05/2009

Joanna Bastos has started dealing with the music industry when she was five years old only at a local competition.

She has released four successful albums so far. As for the union, she joined us in the spring of 2009, so she is among our oldest members.

Her responsibilities throughout the union are quite diversified. However, her main role involves getting talented musicians to join our union. She introduces them to the requirements, as well as the benefits they might get.


Since 22/01/2013

Despite being young, Markus Park has already released three albums in his musical career, not to mention a series of successful featuring songs.

The successful musician has joined this industry when he was 10 years old. It was a small competition, but he won it.

When it comes to the Union of Music Professionals and Amateurs, he is a reference point for new members. He is the person they turn to for advice and help should they need anything. He is also a popular speaker.


Since 30/09/2016

Alex Adam has joined our union in 2016. He might be one of the youngest leaders, but it feels like he has been here since forever.

Alex's musical career began long ago, as he attended a few talent competitions as a child. He released a few albums – classical music.

His role in the union is pretty simple. He will always stop and talk to people or give some advice, but he is also one of the most appreciated speakers. He never misses a conference and he ensures attendees are properly hooked in.


Since 20/06/2015

Sonya Carston has begun singing when she was 12 years old. She won a local school competition for children. .

She is a pop artist with two albums and plenty of featuring projects. She is currently working on a new album.

She is the main person our union members turn to if they need help. It makes no difference if they only need some advice or they face trouble. She is the primary point of contact and she will do whatever she can to help.

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