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Here at the Union of Music Professionals and Amateurs, we believe in the power of music to achieve goals and overcome obstacles.

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Taking music to a new level

We embrace and encourage new styles of music, regardless of the genre they come from, not to mention the performer's previous experience. If you got it, join us.
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Keeping up with diversity

Diversity is one of the keys to success in music. For this reason, our union will introduce you to a plethora of different genres and types of music.
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Pushing to the next level

We understand how hard it can be to make yourself known in an overwhelming industry, but we are here to help you achieve your dreams.

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Introducing our team
Musicians who help other musicians


Since 14/05/2009

Joanna Bastos is responsible for dealing with new musicians and getting them to join our union and embrace the culture.


Since 22/01/2013

Markus Park is not just a respectable musician in the classical music industry, but also a reference for all the new members.


Since 30/09/2016

Alex Adam is a respected pop musician, as well as one of our most reputable speakers during our conferences.


Since 20/06/2015

Sonya Carston is one of the first people union members reach to when they need help, regardless of their needs.